So how does it all work, you ask?

First, you come up with a brilliant idea for a book or an article, and you need someone to make cool visuals to add to your text.

Then the rough stage starts.
Roughs can vary from project to project and will always look very different from their colour version.

If we need to alter anything - this is the time to do it!
It's so much better to work on corrections at the rough stage, as altering colour illustrations is time-consuming and complicated.

Once the roughs are approved, I start to work on colour.

And voilá! After some tweaks and adjustments, it's ready :)

Here's a timelapse of the Angels of the Kokoda trail spread from Tales of World War II.

If the project is complex, i.e. a non-fiction book with many amazing facts and specific graphs, I'll do some additional research.

I've been asked what part I prefer many times. Rough stage or colour stage? And I honestly don't know! They both can be very exciting or very frustrating.